Top 15 Wedding Design Inspirations

Top 15 Wedding Design Inspirations

Today we’re here to share with you our current top 15 wedding design inspirations we’re loving here at the Destination Wedding Studio, inspired by our DWS couples, our time studying with the School of Styling, recent wedding style shoots, and our hours and hours of looking online through Real Wedding Galleries.  And although the web and all things social media irrefutably conjure up a mix of love and hate in most people, we here at Destination Wedding Studio are forever grateful for the gifts that these avenues of inspiration (and distraction) are in our lives, most of the time that is.  To be able to have so much information and inspiration so readily available was inconceivable not that many years ago.  So today we’re celebrating technology.  Here’s to being connected and inspired via the worldwide web!

1. Eucalyptus: because for us, there is truly no other plant that is quite as versatile.  It works for just about every wedding theme imaginable.  Most importantly, it is a statement piece alone, but just as impactful in collaboration.


2. Calligraphy: is a must!  From invitations to escort cards to signage to seating charts to you name it, good calligraphy takes everything up a notch.  And the best part, there are SO many fabulous calligraphers out there bringing their artistry to the wedding world and this makes us so happy, as it should you!


3. Watercolor: is calming and evocative.  Planning weddings primarily in South Florida and the Florida Keys watercolor is the perfect design accent as it so perfectly mimics the freedom in the air and the fluidity of the sea.  We’re not exactly sure when watercolor came back in style, or if it even went out, but in all the weddings where we’ve seen it being used, we have been so so pleasantly surprised.


4. Geo Terrariums and Vases: were a contention for debate amongst our team here initially, but ultimately they won out, because you can’t deny that geodes are a hot design piece right now and rightfully so.  Whether they’re filled with flowers or candles, they add another element and level of depth to any tablescape or accent table where they’re being used.


5. Feathers: are so cool!  We’re seeing them in hair, mixed in as part of fabulous floral centerpieces, dipped in gold, hung from above, and even as accent pieces to stylize invitations in a photo shoot.  When in doubt, feather!


6. Mexican Blankets: aren’t just for Mexico.  They’ve been around for eons it seems but are only just recently popping up all over real wedding galleries on tables, thrown over couches, and rolled up for guests to use during the ceremony.  They’re so versatile, often add a much needed pop of color, and well, they’re just plain awesome.  We’d say they’re a little risky for some, but then again, what in life isn’t.  On this day, you wedding day, be bold, be brave, and take some risks.  Trust us, they’re worth it!


7. Dip-Dye: everything!  We are loving the resurgence of the dip-dye and how something plain can almost instantaneously take on new life.  The best part is it’s affordable and you can do it yourself.  Everyone loves a great DIY wedding project.  So here’s to saying no more to just plain old white and hello to color!


8. French Inspired Chairs: are on all of our home bucket lists.  They’re classic!  They’re stunning!  They’re elegant!  When it comes to wedding chairs, these are our preferred go to.


9. Indigo: indigo, indigo, how we love thee!  You’re dark.  You’re mysterious.  At times, you’re all the wedding inspiration need.


10. Ferris Wheel: because you only get married once, and why the heck not!  And it’s impossible to deny that any wedding where a ferris wheel is used as a design piece is going to be more than memorable.


11. Vintage Plates: mismatched or of the same kind add to every tablescape.


12. Juxtaposition: is the honoring that most individuals, including YOU, don’t just have one favorite design style, that when envisioning your wedding, most likely you’re thinking of pairing two distinct originals and the unexpected and then somewhere along the way someone says, “don’t” and you listen.  Well, we think you shouldn’t.  Juxtaposition is a design element we’d love to see more of and we’re here to support you all along the way.


13. Beachwood/Foundwood: is pretty much the most perfect design piece when having a wedding on the water, in the woods…and pretty much anywhere.  It’s uses are endless and it’s natural beauty and uniqueness are unparalleled.


14. Foraging: your backyard and surrounding landscapes is the best and most affordable (at times free) way to find local and seasonal greens and flowers, and often what is created afterwards is unlike anything you could have ever imagined, let along seen before.


15. Dreamcatchers: because there’s just something right about beginning, literally, your sacred union with good and grandiose dreams, dreams of first homes and children and love and laughter and adventure and longevity and good health and prosperity and everything in between.



If you are interested in wedding coordination + design services please contact Destination Wedding Studio at email hidden; JavaScript is required.  Once connected, we here at DWS will take the time to learn your story, how you met, your passions, and then we become your “wedding curator,” overseeing your inspirations and dreams, but most of all, we can’t wait to be your guide along the way for what will surely become one of the most memorable and magical days of your life.

Yours sincerely,

Peggy & The DWS Team


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