10 Wedding Ceremony Chair Ideas Worth Considering

10 Wedding Ceremony Chair Ideas Worth Considering

After all is said and done, when asked, “What was the most memorable part of their day?” most of our couples will respond without hesitation their ceremony.  Perhaps it’s because upon remembering one’s wedding day, most of the day can seem like a blur, but the ceremony is the part of the day that asks the most from every bride and groom, it asks their full presence and nothing less.  After months or even years of planning, when you finally stand across from your beloved and exchange your sacred vows and offer forth your ‘I do’, it’s as if all breath is being held and the whole world is standing still just for you.  It’s unlike anything, which is why we’re such firm believers that your ceremony and it’s decor require the same consideration as your reception.  Below are 10 wedding ceremony chair ideas for all brides, styles, and budgets.  Remember, give your heart and it’s consideration to every part of the day and you will be forever grateful.  Love to you and yours!

1. One Flower: We absolutely LOVE this idea!  Depending on how large or small your wedding and what flower you choose, this is a pretty easy and affordable solution for most couples.  Also, to add another layer of meaning to your ceremony, consider the meaning and significance, even the story behind the flower you choose.


2. Photos: To tell a visual story, create an aura of nostalgia, or for the photo aficionados, this is an easy, affordable, and unique decor solution!

3. A Pop of Color: For the minimalist out there, adding a single ribbon, ideally in one of your wedding colors, is a perfect solution to bring a little more life and color to the ceremony.  That’s it!  Voila!

4. Hurrican Laterns: A classic and simple, yet stunning decor idea.  Inside or outside, on the beach or in a grove, at dusk or basking underneath the moon, however these laterns are used will bring a warm and inviting and sophisticated feel to each and every occasion.

5. Succulents: Succulents are hip!  They’re the it thing right now, and honestly, we get it!  They’re affordable, eye-catching, and super versatile.  Can’t go wrong!

6. Garland: Garland initially seems easy and accessible but in reality it’s a true statement piece.  This is for the bold and daring couples with a vision for the wedding design and decor.  It’s super chic and in our opinion, fabulous.  If you’re out there, reading this, and considering garland – DO IT!

7. Flower Filled Hanging Mason Jars: Super beautiful and super sweet.

8. Poms: These were ordered on Etsy and tied with fish line.  Whether your theme is bohemian, eclectic, carnival, vintage, rustic, or beach, these work!  They’re so easy and won’t take all day to put together.  Perfect!

9. Greens: Just a sprig is enough to make it memorable.  Natural.  Understated.  Simple.  Beautiful.

10. Let your chairs speak for themselves: Definitely a bigger investment and for those who want that WOW factor for their ceremony, but 100% worth it!  Love love love the artistic, eclectic, and often color FULL feel mismatched chairs provide to any space.  Super shabby chic!


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