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Destination Wedding Studio has been planning and designing weddings in Florida, south Florida, and up and down the Keys for ten years. For us, there’s truly no place like the Keys; a little bit Caribbean, a touch of Jimmy Buffett, and a splash of Hemingway.


Each island is its own perfect setting for a novel waiting to be written. Let us help you choose the venue that is the perfect place for you to begin telling your story (wedding celebration, that is!), from Key Largo to Key West, and a very special place or two in Miami.

Venues in the Keys

Casa Marina

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My love affair with the Casa Marina began fifteen years ago when my family and I lived right across the street from its doors on the forever memorable Reynolds Street. Family and friends always stayed at the Casa when they would travel down to Key West, and together we would spend our days and nights poolside or right on the beach, sipping in the sweet saltwater air, looking out at the vast stretch of ocean, and enjoying every single moment. – Peggy

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Hawk's Cay

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Being at Hawk’s Cay feels as if you’re in the Caribbean. But what makes Hawk’s Cay one of the most interesting places on the islands is that you truly feel as if you are away from everything; that while you can explore its surroundings if you want to, you can just as easily stay on its grounds and not go anywhere, and feel like you went everywhere.
– Peggy

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Hemingway Home

destination weddings in florida


We discovered the Hemingway Home after a bit of being on the island. The first time we walked its grounds we couldn’t help but think of the writer who inspired its name and who lived there long before the streets were paved. Yet it wasn’t until we stood on the home’s upper veranda overlooking the incredibly breathtaking yard, that we could fully sense all who had been here before, and we just knew, every time someone gets married here, another story will be written, another tale will be told.
– Peggy

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Pierre’s is one of the finest and most exclusive venues in the Florida Keys. Located on Islamorada, this upscale island venue is historical, cultured, elegant, palatable, lush, and utterly enchanting, all while offering the most exquisite sunsets, impeccable service and delicious food. It is a gem indeed.
– Peggy

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Our Miami Favorite

The Biltmore


I often describe The Biltmore as an oasis in the city, and it truly is! The hotel’s antiquity, impeccable service and stunning details at every twist and turn will make for the perfect backdrop for your wedding day. Its rich history and timeless architecture take you to a time and place we still wish existed.
– Peggy

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