5 Things to Remember When Postponing Your Wedding from Wedding Planner and DWS Founder Peggy Russell

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When we left Key West for home after our last wedding in early March we never would have imagined what is now our present coming into fruition-wedding postponements, wedding cancellations, and a whole lot of uncertainty about when things will return to the way they were, or at least some variation of the way things were.  But that being said, we here at Destination Wedding Studio have faith that things will eventually return to some sense of normal.  Destination Weddings in the Keys will happen again.  The Florida Keys will be bustling with tourists.  And Duval street will once again be a place to spectate and celebrate.  So to all of you couples out there that have chosen to postpone your weddings here are 5 things to remember when postponing your wedding to better get you through this time.

1. Remember you still have each other!

That in the grand scheme of the long life you will live together, this is but a blip in the story that will be your ‘together’.  Take a moment today to turn to your partner, soak them in, their presence, the gift they are to your life.  Be grateful that you get to do this. Start now to never take the ability to so for granted.

2. Remember practice makes great (we‘re switching this from perfect in our household)!

No marriage is without it’s struggles, but how you, together, work through them matters.  Think of this delay as some extra practice, some really really good, extra practice on how together you two will wade through the mud life puts in your way.  And the best thing about mud, it washes off.  Nothing sticks forever!

3. Remember no one every complained about having a little bit more time.  

We‘re almost always scrambling about for more time.  More time to say what we wished we had.  More time to get the work done.  More time to really finalize the details of our weddingWell, now you have it!   Time to really fine tune anything needing, well, a little bit more fine tuning: your tablescape, your bridesmaids’ gifts, your wedding vows (wink, wink).  Instead of being angry or sad at this time, thank it and use it wisely.  And if you need any help, we‘re just a phone call away.  Side note: if you’ve fine tuned your fine tuning, well, now kick up those feet, relax, and enjoy…at home, please!

4. Remember to breathe and take in a daily dose (or two or three) of fresh air.  

There is simply not much that cannot shift just a little bit towards the better with a few mindful breaths and some fresh air.  Some of our favorites offering free mindful initiatives during this time are Elena Brower, Yoga Girl, INQ Life and Noah Maze.

5. Remember have FAITH that whenever, wherever you say your I Do’s, it will be perfect, just as it is. 

We‘re big fans of Alan Watts here at DWS so we‘re gonna let him finish this one,

“To have faith is to trust yourself to the water.  When you swim you don’t grab hold of the water, because if you do you will sink and drown.  Instead you relax, and float.”

So our dear couples out there, it is what it is right now.  Don’t fight the current, relax into the waters and trust all is well and all will be well.  And on your Wedding Day, whenever that day is now going to be, if your beloved it by your side, it will be perfect, just as it is!

If you have any questions or concerns or need to talk to a planner in Key West, the Florida Keys and beyond, please contact us and we would love to be of service.  Happy Planning y’all.  We are in this together!

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